Strauss Romania celebrates 20 years of Activity

On 9th September 2014, Strauss Romania marked 20 years of activity in a ceremony held at its coffee factory near Bucharest. The event was attended by Michael Strauss, Gadi Lesin, President and CEO Strauss, GLT members, Tomer Harpaz, CEO of Strauss Coffee, and other senior executives of Strauss Group who came to mark the occasion with the people of Strauss Coffee Romania.

Gadi Lesin, CEO of Strauss Group, said: “Over time, Strauss Romania had to contend with quite a few challenges that strengthened the company and taught it a great deal. You worked in a competitive arena targeted by strong competitors with high investment capability, and in a country immersed in a challenging economic situation. Despite all the difficulties and complex conditions, it was ultimately thanks to the leadership, dedication and very high commitment of you, the people of Strauss Romania, that we now have a successful and profitable business which I am proud of, as part of Strauss Group’s business portfolio in general and of Strauss Coffee in particular.”

During the event, Michael Strauss presented Marius Melestu, GM of Strauss Romania, with a special gift – an ancient vase with the inscription “It All Started With Two Cows”, symbolizing the ability to fulfill a dream.

Michael Strauss said:

“It is exciting to experience the atmosphere here, witness the commitment of employees at Strauss Romania, see how coffee products are embraced by consumers in Romania, and, of course, learn about the relations and connection with Government authorities in the area, that commend this industry and help it develop further.”

During 20 years of activity, Strauss Romania has developed expertise in coffee, coffee services and close relations with consumers, building leading regional coffee brands such as FORT and Doncafé, and developing capabilities in the Away From Home segment, while strengthening the company and making it an R&G market leader in Romania.

Strauss Romania, which currently employs 250 people, was the first business of Strauss Group in Europe, that made its first steps in 1994. Over the years, Strauss Romania became a growth driver, being an important source of knowledge, proof of concepts and services in the Away From Home segment, and, just as important, a source of profit that enabled the coffee company to continue to develop, invest in additional markets and expand into additional countries.
see the historic milestones of the company in infographic that outlines its development

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