MK Café Fresh – From the Factory to the Consumer in 24 Hours

A new concept that has been developed at Strauss Coffee which represents a new way of direct sales in the freshly roasted coffee category. The concept has already been launched in Romania under the Doncafé Fresh brand, and we are now proud to launch it in Poland under the brand MK Café Fresh.

We set up a small, modern artisanal coffee roasting facility within our production site in Poznan, Poland. The coffee beans are imported from all over the world, and we apply many elements that are the product of our people’s great knowledge and experience in coffee in the production and packaging processes to deliver our consumers products that are of the finest quality.
MK Café Fresh is designed to reach the consumer shortly after roasting, and it is therefore sold exclusively via a dedicated ecommerce platform posted in Polish and English. We commit to shipping within 24 hours so that the consumer will always receive the coffee up to 14 days from the moment it was roasted, straight from the atelier, to ensure coffee of excellent quality. Since the ultimate quality of coffee is obtained on the fourteenth day after roasting, and thanks to the unique packaging process we use, our consumers are assured three more months of freshness.

The ecommerce platform will also allow us to make other value propositions to consumers, such as online workshops that teach them how to make the perfect beverage, how to brew coffee, a variety of coffee recipes, and of course, about supplementary equipment.
The video that was posted was filmed entirely in our roasting atelier, where we also host visits by journalists, bloggers and lots of coffee lovers. The clip features master roaster Stefan Chubb, the man behind the manufacturing process of MK Café Fresh, who has worked at Strauss since 1994.

I would like to thank everyone on the Strauss Coffee Poland team for the successful launch of the project and for their genuine passion for coffee, which is at the heart of Strauss Coffee.


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