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Freeze drying coffee is a high technology process with complex equipment, level of knowledge and Human resources operating it, consequently only a few coffee companies own their own facilities.  In 2012 Strauss Coffee leased the Norddeutsche Kaffeewerke (NDKW) GmbH operations and during the following 5 years managed to achieve world class operation.

 In March 2017 SCBV acquired full ownership and have great plans to continue our journey.  Today NDKW produces over 4500 tons of freeze-dry coffee per year using a fine-tuned highly cost efficient processes.   This supplies Strauss Coffee’s markets in Russia (the world’s biggest freeze dry coffee market), Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Israel.  In 2016 Strauss Coffee also added a unique new technology to deliver freeze dry coffee with roast & grind particles protected inside the freeze dry (Micro Grinding), and launched it in Israel.  NDKW is situated in Germany, near Hamburg, which is the largest distribution port for coffee in the world thus enjoying good logistic benefits.

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