Around The World

Our local coffee brands hold leading positions in their markets.

This success comes directly from our ethos.

Main Activity Countries
Israel flag
We are the leading coffee company in Israel. Our flagship brand, Elite Coffee, has been in Israeli homes for almost 60 years

Serbia flag
Strauss Coffee has been active in Serbia since 2002 as Strauss Adriatic. Serbians are in love with coffee – it’s a part of their history and an integral part of the daily routine and social life.

Romania flag
Elite was among the first − and the highest quality – multinational coffee brand to appear on the Romanian market.

Poland flag
Poland is a traditional yet developing coffee market. Strauss Café Poland offers a full portfolio of roast and ground, as well as instant coffees.

Russia flag
Russia, with a population of 143 million people, has become a major part of the global economy over the past 20 years and is the largest instant coffee market in the word today. In 2013 retail coffee sales in Russia represented 5% of the global coffee market.

Ukraine flag
Strauss Ukraine LCC was established in 2001 to harness the opportunities of the emerging Ukrainian coffee market, with Ukraine being one of Strauss Coffee’s first footholds in the CIS (a federation of former Soviet Union countries).

Germany flag
Norddeutsche Kaffeewerke (NDKW) GmbH is one of the most advanced freeze-dried coffee factories in Europe.

The Netherlands
The Netherlands flag
The Strauss Coffee headquarters are located in Amsterdam

Switzerland flag
Our procurement headquarters in Switzerland handles all green coffee raw material procurement for Strauss Coffee.

Três Corações JV Brazil
Três Corações JV Brazil flag
Strauss Coffee began operations in Brazil in 2000. In December 2005 we merged with a company belonging to the São Miguel Group.