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R&G, beans, espresso, capsules & machines, instant, mixes, Juice powder, Corn derivatives, filter paper


Capsules, instant, R&G, chocolate powder, Juice powder, Corn derivatives ,Mixes, filter paper.


Retail (various channels), away from home (AFH), E Commerce

Strauss Coffee began operations in Brazil in 2000. In December 2005 we merged our operation in Brazil with Santa Clara S.A. (a company belonging  to the São Miguel Group*) − owners at the time (amongst others)  of the Santa Clara, Cafe Kimimo, Dona Clara and Pimpinela brands − to form the 50/50 Joint Venture, the Três Corações group .

Três Corações is now the leading coffee company in Brazil, covering all coffee segments in the retail and Away from Home distribution channels, including Roast & Ground coffee, cappuccino, instant coffee and capsules. The group also exports Green coffee around the world. It also sale non-coffee products including chocolate powder, powdered juices and corn-based products.

Since 2005 Tres Coracoes JV acquired the following brands: Frisco & Café Letícia (2009); Fino Grão (2011); Itamaraty (2014) and Iguaçu (2016). In 2013 the company created a JV with Cafitaly to produce Tres capsules in Brazil and South America.

Três Corações sources its green coffee directly in Brazil, purchasing approximately three million bags of Arabica and Robusta green coffee annually.

*About São Miguel

From his humble beginnings selling green coffee beans door-to-door in the small city of São Miguel in 1959, João Alves de Lima planted the seed, which would later blossom into Santa Clara Coffee. In 1985, Mr. João Lima´s three children, Pedro, Paulo and Vicente, joined the administration and operation of the company, initiating transformation of a familiar business into a highly structured company, characterized by professional administration and strong, sustainable growth. The family’s vigorous work ethic and unrelenting resolve have persevered through generations and remain at the core of the company’s ethos today.


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3C Export Markets
Products exported: R&G, Instant, Mixes, Beans
Products exported: R&G, Instant, Mixes, Beans