In the world of coffee, Totti Caffe represents The Explorer. Explorer brands are most fulfilled when they can seek out new approaches and perspectives. Naturally independent, authentic, and curious, they’re able to follow unique paths and motivate others to explore uncharted territory. They’re usually excited and challenged by the opportunity to blaze a new trail.

Coffee for the senses. Totti Caffe has to represent a radical shift in coffee experience. Because from now on, coffee will be much more than just a sip from a cup. It is about unleashing a sensorial symphony around the consumer. A modern ritual to make all the senses vibrate.

It’s time for sensorialism that is about creating an unique multi-sensorial magnetism and breaking taste conventions. It means tastes that incite synesthetic coffee experiences. By using the modern day alchemy of coffee preparation and brewing rituals, Totti Caffe creates a world collection of coffee emotions. A symphony of senses. Coffee bliss.